QC Profile


Quality is the foundation stone of enterprise development. PHIDIX has been aware of this from the very beginning and set up the quality control system since then by introducing lean six-sigma management tools - DMAIC.     



               • Clearly identified sources of data that identify problems to investigate
               • Root cause analysis that identifies the cause of a discrepancy or deviation, and suggest

                 corrective actions


The purpose of a preventive action is not only to avert the occurrence of a similar potential problem but also the part of corrective action, because it is a process of determining such similarities that should take place in the event of a discrepancy.



The PDCA cycle


Corrective action is the re-work/rectification activity of the non-conforming products as per ISO 9001:2015. We introduce the preventive action as it is a proactive methodology used to determine potential discrepancies before they occur and to ensure that they do not happen. Corrective and preventive actions both include stages for investigation, action, review, and further action if required. In practice, we take the both actions based on PDCA (plan-do-check-act).



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